Are girls easier to potty train than boys?

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When friends of toddlers ask me for advice on potty training, I usually just shrug my shoulders. I don't really remember the "training" part of teaching my daughters to use the toilet; it just sort of happened. In fact, when my younger daughter was showing signs that she was ready, I remember thinking to myself, "How did we do this again?"

Some people think that this might be because my kids are girls. Parenting legend has it that girls are easier to potty train than boys, and at least two studies appear to back that notion up. Researchers found that though boys and girls show readiness at roughly the same age and follow the process in similar steps, girls typically master this important skill earlier than boys do.

I've got no boys of my own for anecdotal evidence, so I did a quick and very unscientific poll of my friends. After factoring for time lost catching up on old business and making plans to get together in the future, I came up with... nada. No one I called could really remember. This makes me think that even if boys do train later than girls, it isn't the kind of difference that makes an impact on parents.

So let's find out what ParentDish readers think -- do boys take longer to train than girls? And if they do, why?

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