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Newsflash--what you're feeding your children when you take them out to dinner is not healthy! A new report says that kids meals at top chain restaurants are full of salt, fat and calories. The restaurants in question are the likes of McDonald's, Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Well, to quote the ten-year-old me, who really enjoyed the kids meal versions of those restaurants: DUH! Items on the kids menu noted and tested were, for example, country fried chicken from the Chili's menu and the "Wacky Pack' from Sonic containing a grilled cheese, fries and a slurpie. Ok, two things. One, how is it that ANYONE serves this stuff to their kids for dinner? And, two, how could it not be apparent that things like country fried chicken are fattening and full of calories? You don't have to be FROM the country to know that anything "country fried" ain't that good for you.

Of the thirteen chains and 1,474 meal combinations possible, 93% of the meals exceeded 430 calories, one third of the daily calories suggested for children between the ages of four and eight. Sonic, KFC and Jack in the Box responded that they are striving to include healthier options for kids meals. This is coming from the people who chose to offer soda and cheetos as part of a kids meal om the first place. The report provides all the more reason to eat in. Money is tight in this economy, and, yes, even I give in to the temptation of eating or ordering out, but I do so knowing the caloric cost. Making things at home is cheaper and gives you more control of what goes into a dish and into your kids' stomachs. And, honestly, a lot of times it's tastier too.

Pic of kids meal by OctopusHat.

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