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As you may be aware, MTV has a show on the air called Engaged and Underage. Now in its second season, the show follows young couples headed down the aisle--couples family and friends think are too young to be doing so. Last year's season introduced us to couples facing more than just age discrimination. One couple dealt with interracial tensions from their families and another with a pregnancy. The show purports to follow the couples around reality-television style, monitoring the drama but not helping to create it.

Naturally a lot of hype surrounds this programming. Reality shows are primed to be as explosive and controversial as possible. Whether you believe in reality television or not, it's best not to question that they tend to present people in less than their best light. As far as this show is concerned, although the publicity from the show claims to simply follow these people around, I get the impression they're courting controversy as much as possible.

The question is, just how young is too young to get married? These kids are out of high school. Some of them are in their early twenties. That sounds like an adult to me. If you're old enough to get drafted, shouldn't you be old enough to get married? State laws can help a couple decide when they can legally tie the knot, but other than that it's pressure from friends, family and society that sway most couples to either get married, or, as a recent trend has continued, wait until they're much older--or not get married at all!

Have you seen the show? Do you agree with the programming or the decision to share the stories of these young couples with the world? Just how young is too young to get married?

Pic of engagement ring by Rubyran.

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