Carla Bruni wants kids

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Former model Carla Bruni has announced she wants kids. The new wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy is keen to begin a family soon. Bruni, who is 40, has a seven year old son from another relationship and wants to provide Aurelian with a sibling if she's "young enough." Bruni and Sarkozy have been married less than a year.

Bruni also has a burgeoning career as a pop star to consider in addition to her duties as the President's wife. How will the beauty ever find time to be a mommy (again)? She has sworn off using fertility treatments to find herself in the family way, referring the matter over to a nature. AS we've all had rammed down our throats for ages, a woman's fertility begins a downhill course at twenty-seven (or so current wisdom holds).

Many women are having children later and later in life, and are therefore turning to the very thing Bruni is eschewing (at least in print) to become mothers. Being a model, pop star, or politician's wife--or all three--doesn't seem to be interfering with Carla's desire to add to her family. Will she become pregnant? Will she turn to fertility treatments? Only Carla (and mother nature) knows. Good luck to Carla and Nicolas!

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