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If you're tired of cheap broken puzzle and game boxes spilling bits and pieces everywhere, try this method for keeping it all together.

A plastic shoebox filled with toys and labelled with a graphic from the original box.Instead of trying to keep those boxes taped up, abandon them from the git-go. As soon as you open a new puzzle, game, or toy-of-a-million-pieces, put everything into a plastic shoebox or zip-top bag. Cut out the picture from the original box and tape it to the front of the shoebox or slip it into the bag.

You won't have any more deteriorating boxes, but you'll still be able find what you're looking for. Better still, your kids will be able to find things and will be able to put them away in the right place, even if they can't read. My wife has done this for years in her first grade classroom and does it at home for our kids. I've even taken to doing it for projects up in my office.

Give it a bash; I think you'll find this makes life a lot easier and a lot neater.


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