Katie Holmes - Time for a bump watch?

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Katie HolmesNow the the Jolie-Pitts have delivered their much-anticipated twins, the world needs a new belly to watch. Katie Holmes is a likely target, and The Daily Mail is reporting that Tom Cruise's wife is sporting a mysterious belly bump. Looking over the pictures, all I have to say is that if that's a baby bump, then I've been pregnant for, oh, about 16 years. (Note to The Daily Mail: That's not a bump... that's a big lunch.)

While we're on the subject of Suri's mom, can we talk about something? Not the mom hair, which Katie recently and wisely cut into a much cuter pageboy. I'm talking about those jeans, those pegged jeans. I'm having 8th grade flashbacks, and believe me, that's not a good thing. But she's been in those baggy, pegged jeans pretty frequently lately, which, stylish woman that she is does make a person wonder....

Is Katie just trying to fit in with the other moms on the playground, or do you think she's making room for baby number two?


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