Victoria Beckham warned not to have more kids

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Victoria BeckhamLast May, while denying pregnancy rumors, Posh Spice shared that she and husband David Beckham would like to add to their brood of three young boys: "... We would love another baby, but right now the boys are still really young. Cruz is only three, and David and I would like to enjoy them for a while."

But some sources are saying that the Beckhams recently received the difficult news that a fourth pregnancy would be dangerous for Victoria. Doctors fear that if something went wrong, says an unnamed source, she'd need an emergency hysterectomy, though they don't state exactly why. Rumor has it that the Beckhams wanted to try for a little girl after the Spice Girls tour.

David Beckham recently told the press that he and Victoria "always wanted a big family," so if this news is true, it must be a difficult time for the celebrity couple. They may decide that this news means their family is complete. But with their considerable resources, they could also consider alternative methods (like surrogacy) or adoption. The unnamed source says that right now, they couple are seeking more medical advice before they decide what to do next.

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