Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban want paparazzi to leave their baby alone

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Unlike other celebrity parents with new babies, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have chosen not to sell pictures of their new daughter, Sunday Rose. In fact, they would prefer that the paparazzi not photograph her at all, and are asking for a little space while they spend time in Kidman's native Sydney. The couple used decoy cars and kept Sunday under wraps when they arrived in Australia recently.

"She's like a doll," Kidman told a Sydney radio station, "She's like a little, little thing. Just (don't photograph) right in her face or in our faces, because it's scary for her."

I remember when my girls were born that flash photography made them flinch, and I was constantly telling my husband to STOP TAKING PICTURES. (Thank goodness he didn't listen, or I wouldn't have any photo memories of those early days). I can't imagine what it would feel like if strangers were constantly jumping into our faces to snap photos and making my baby cry. New motherhood gives you that mama bear feeling, and Nicole is obviously very protective. Hopefully, the paps will give them the space they're looking for. I'm sure Sunday Rose is a gorgeous baby, but really, is it that important that we all get a glimpse of her?

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