Sex education bill's sponsor teaches 14-year-old about sex

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Missouri State Representative Scott Muschany in his police booking photoScott Muschany, a Missouri state representative, has been indicted in connection with a sexual assault on the fourteen-year-old daughter of a state employee with whom Muschany was romantically involved. Muschany is married with two children of his own and is a licensed foster parent. What makes Muschany different from other toe-tapping politicians (or, perhaps, not so different) is that he was the co-sponsor of bills that toughened laws regarding sex offenders (2006) and supported abstinence education (2007).

It seems, however, that that whole abstinence thing doesn't apply to his girlfriend's daughter. The charges are just that, as of yet -- allegations of wrongdoing. Still, this is not the first time a conservative politician has been caught involved in what he was so vehemently against. (I wonder why you never hear of liberal politicians getting caught going to church or trying to pick up members of the opposite gender?)

I guess the important lesson here is to keep your kids away from politicians. I think, though, that that's probably a good idea in general, even without a scandal.

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