Mom donates 100 gallons of breast milk

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woman and baby nursingWhen Leo and Kelley Durant lost one of their twins after a premature delivery, they could have easily and understandably turned inward and focused only on raising Cameron, their surviving son. But instead, Kelley wanted to do something in honor of her daughter, Ressa. So she started pumping her extra breast milk and donating it to a local milk bank.

Kelley just dropped off her last delivery of donated milk, which put her total amount donated at an unsurpassed 100 gallons, enough to feed a baby for 17 months. Kelley said that she wanted to do it to help babies who are born prematurely or who are sick, and that she hopes to be able to donate again in the future.

Any mom who has had the pleasure to be acquainted with a breast pump will understand exactly how big of a sacrifice Kelley, especially, and her family have made. What a wonderful way to honor her daughter. Women who are interested in donating their breast milk can do so through international organizations such as Give Milk, or domestically through a local milk bank.

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