Married vs single health gap tightens

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Looks like being married doesn't necessarily make you healthier than being single. A new study from Michigan State University points to the gap narrowing between married men and their bachelor counterparts with regard to health. Those who are confirmed bachelors should perk up at this--according the results of the study they have as much longevity as married men.

Widowers, however, claimed to be in poorer health than their still-married counterparts. The study also suggested that both widows and widowers need to be ingratiated into the community in order to sustain themselves emotionally and physically.

The study covered over a million surveys taken from people between the ages of 25 and 80 with a time span covering 1972 to 2003. During those approximately thirty years a lot of notions about marriage have changed. People are getting married later in life or not at all and divorce is more common place. No word on whether these factors were considered in the results, which showed more never-married men confirming each year they were happy.

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