Sweden lightens up on weird baby name ban

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For a country that seems a tad uptight when it comes to unusual baby names, Sweden sure has a lot of parents pushing the envelope. Elvis, Superman, Google and Lego are just a few examples of parents going for something a little different when choosing a name for their offspring. Until recently, odd names like those stood a good chance of being rejected by the Swedish tax authorities. But maybe they finally realized that banning something makes it even more attractive because they have recently decided to loosen up a little on the baby name ban.

Actually, according to tax authority spokesperson Lars Tegenfeldt, the shift in attitude is a reflection of the changing times. "There is nothing negative about a name like Coca-Cola or McDonald's today. In the 1970s, maybe it was," he says.

Budweiser and Metallica may now have the official seal of approval from the Swedish government, but there are still some names that will not be allowed. There will be no Gods, Allahs or Devils and swear words remain off-limits.

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