Joe Jonas gets a new ride

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A red Ducati motorcycle parked in a field.My thirteen-year-old niece won't admit to liking their music, but she will say she's going to marry a Jonas brother. Or maybe all of them. I'm not really sure because she was gushing so much when she spoke of them that it was hard to understand her. In any case, I gather they are something teenage girls fawn over. The only problem is, if it's Joe Jonas she's after, she'd better get a move on -- there's no telling how long he's going to be around now.

You see, he just turned nineteen and one of his presents was a motorcycle. Sure, a helmet was included, but that doesn't change the fact that the term for someone who rides a motorcycle amongst nurses like my sister-in-law is "organ donor." At least, that's what she told me when I was thinking of getting a bike for commuting to work.

Of course, what goes around comes around, as they say -- my son Jared has been eyeing the neighbor kid's motorbike and asking if he can get one. Given that he's only six, the answer is pretty easy, but what about when he gets older? Would I be willing to let him commute to high school and college on a motorcycle or scooter? That's a much tougher question and I'm not sure what the answer is except that I'm pretty sure it will be either "No!" or "Hell No!".

Would you let your kid get a motorcycle? Helmet or not, they can be deadly. Of course, so can just about anything else. What do you think?


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