Clue boardgame gets unneccessary update

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What is it with the remakes? First every movie we've already seen, then all our favorite television programs (Mister Rogers is around the corner, I'm warning you) and now the boardgames. No, they turned Clue into a movie a long time ago--and it was a mighty good one, with three endings!--but they're actually "updating" the board game. In essence, Clue is getting a makeover.

What is the point of all this? I'm not sure, not sure at all. Clue is seriously my favorite board game of all time. I and most of the folks I know see no reason to mess with or update a classic, but here you have it anyway. I guess it's never too late to try to make a little more money, or to appeal to a new generation of kids. These kids, however, have seriously advanced technology to play with like Wii, PSPs, iPods, etc., so I can't imagine why a young person would be interested in a boring old board game.

Except that the old Clue WASN'T boring. It was fun and required a lot of skill in determining who the killer could be. Plus it was a serious opportunity to play dress up. Tell me you haven't at least had the urge--if not given into it-- to dress up like Miss Scarlett. The updates to the new version include changing the first, if not last, names of the characters as well as their backgrounds. Also, three new weapons have been introduced to the mix. Will these additions actually improve the new Clue and make kids more likely to play it? I doubt it. But, only time will tell. Professor Plum, beware!

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