Daily Dish - Hair washing the easy way

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Bath time need not be traumatic if you have the proper tools.
Kids usually fall into one of two categories when it comes to bathing. They either love it and view the tub as just another place to play. Or they loathe it and see bath time as some sort of cruel torture invented just to make them miserable. Regardless of how they feel about getting clean, almost all kids resist the hair washing part of the process.

That shampoo may claim to be gentle on the eyes, but that doesn't mean it feels good sliding down the forehead, onto the face and into the mouth. That's where the rubber shampoo sprayer hose comes in. Inexpensive and requiring no tools, the sprayer turns an ordinary bathtub faucet into a shampoo-rinsing sprayer faucet for about $4. No more filling and dumping cups or leaning back under the faucet. The sprayer slides on the faucet for hair washing and slides right back off for filling the tub. Bonus: works just as well for rinsing dogs as it does children!


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