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Melanie ChisholmPosh has her three boys, Geri has Bluebell Madonna. Scary and Baby Spice are both moms as well, which left Mel C, aka Sporty Spice, the only ex-Spice Girl left who had yet to enter motherhood. Just two weeks ago, Mel told the media that she had no intentions of changing that either. "Everybody asks whether I'm going to be next or whether I'm trying. I hate to disappoint people, but the answer is 'no'."

But today, the pop artist is singing a different tune. Mel C announced last night that she's expecting a baby with long time partner Thomas Starr, a property developer. A friend says, "Mel's absolutely delighted with the news."

MTV is reporting that the rumors that Mel was pregnant have been circulating for a while, once she started showing up to events in loose clothing and with a suspicious looking "bump." Mel C acknowledged that speculation in a recent message on her website: "As I'm sure you'll understand we needed time to wait for results and tell our families."

It's pretty common for celebs to wait until they start showing (or even longer, in the case of Jennifer Garner) to announce their pregnancies. Many non-famous parents often wait to share their news until after the first ultrasound or the end of the first trimester. In both of my pregnancies, I couldn't contain my excitement and spread my news the same day I found out, but many parents I know waited several weeks before announcing that they were expecting. What about you -- did you wait, or did you announce your big news right away?

Did you share the news of your pregnancy right away?
Yes. We just couldn't keep it to ourselves!3 (15.0%)
No. We didn't tell anyone right away.8 (40.0%)
We told close friends and family right away, but that was it.7 (35.0%)
Other -- tell us in comments!2 (10.0%)


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