11-year-old forced to shut down veggie stand

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roadside veggie stand signLemonade stands are a rite of passage for kids, their first foray into the world of entrepreneurship. Kids may haul out a table and chair in front of their house to earn a little spare change, or they may have more elaborate setups to raise funds for their group or charity. Rarely, do officials bother them about zoning ordinances or permits.

Some Clayton, California residents are saying that 11-year-old Katie Lewis's organic produce stand is little different than any other child's lemonade stand. She makes about $20 a week for her savings account selling fresh fruits and vegetables at her roadside stand, but last week Clayton city officials forced her to shut down, saying that her business violates zoning rules and health regulations.

Katie's parents are stunned and are asking for an exception, while the community is split on whether or not the city is being too heavy-handed. Some applaud their "no exceptions" rule, but others think that Katie should be allowed to run her business. I think I'd ask the officials, this: Why is it ok for kids to sell lemonade, but not lemons (or zucchini or watermelon, for that matter?)

What do you think? Should Katie be allowed to sell her veggies, or is the city correct in shutting her down?

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