Moms and make-up - How often do you put on your face?

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Those first few weeks at home with a newborn baby, applying makeup is pretty much an exercise in futility. Nothing is going to cover under-eye circles of that magnitude and even the strongest lipstick will just end up on your itty bitty baby from the thousands of kisses you'll be giving.

Mothers who return to work have a reason to try to look good when they head out in the morning but for the stay-at-home mom, it's easy to fall out of your former daily beauty routine. When the only adult interact you have to look forward to is the Wiggles and perhaps, the mailman, you might as well conserve that concealer.

For years after staying home with my babies, I was mostly bare-faced. I didn't really know what to do with the makeup brushes, felt too busy to bother with it, didn't want to invest much money in something that seemed so frivolous, and had the power of youthful good skin on my side.

Then I got older and went with girlfriends for a professional makeover and discovered the power of eyeliner and a good lipstick. Now I put a little color and concealer on my face every day, even if I'm just working around the house. I don't wear a lot and can do my entire routine in 6 minutes but it really make me feel better and more professional, even if I'm just folding laundry and scrubbing out the bathtub. There's also the added bonus of not looking quite as frumpy if someone drops by unexpectedly.

Inquiring minds want to know, what has motherhood done to your makeup routine?

When and how often do you wear makeup?
I never wear it.30 (8.4%)
I wear makeup on special events, like to a party.57 (16.0%)
If I'm leaving the house I might put some on, but I usually skip it.95 (26.6%)
I wear it every day, no matter what.97 (27.2%)
Does lip balm count? I can manage lip balm but not much else right now.23 (6.4%)
I wear it every day for work.55 (15.4%)

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