Would you go out for cereal?

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For me, the best part about going out to eat is the opportunity to enjoy food that I wouldn't (or couldn't) prepare for myself at home. I can whip up a decent batch of chicken enchiladas, but they don't compare to what I can get at my favorite Mexican restaurant. And I don't even know how to make anything Chinese. And Indian food tastes best when prepared by an expert who has all those wonderful spices on hand. In other words, when I go out to eat, I enjoy the food because it is usually something I can't get at home.

Which is why I find a new restaurant chain that serves just cereal quite curious. Cereality Cereal Bar and Cafe offers the same cereal you buy at the grocery store - Frosted Flakes, Cheerios and all the rest. The gimmick is the addition of toppings. Just like at some ice cream shops, you choose your toppings and they mix it in. Toppings include malted milk balls, fruit, nuts and all kinds of other things I've never considered putting in cereal. The cereal and toppings are mixed together and served in a Chinese take-out style box. You add your own milk from the milk fountain.

Granted, Cereality does serve a few non-cereal items (smoothies, parfaits, coffee and tea), but the main dish is cereal. And judging by the Web site, it is not geared towards those who love cereal the most - children. The site shows lots of happy adults chowing down on their custom-mixed boxes of cereal. And you know what? After looking at the site and the virtual tour, I am starting to think that I love this idea. What about you? Would you go out for cereal?

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