Would you take your kids to Costa Rica?

When I was a kid, everyone took their family vacation to Florida. Sure, some opted for California, where there is a Disney Land and other beaches, but for the most part everyone went to Florida with their kids. As we've gotten older, and the Internet has shared with us the many wonders of the world--and how easy it is to get to such places--many families are opting for less traditional family vacations. For example, ever thought about taking the kids to Costa Rica? When I think of Costa Rica, I think of two things: Some of the most beautiful rain forests ever to exist, and really, really big spiders. In fact, when a friend reported back to me of her honeymoon (Costa Rica also makes me think of a romantic getaway), she spoke much of the giant spiders. No matter, people are still bringing their kids with them on such exotic vacations. And, the kids are loving it.

What's to do in Costa Rica for kids? Well, if you can afford it, given the dollar is so weak these days, a lot. The first thing is they get to interact with other children. Sign up for the Thomson Family Adventures and enjoy everything from homemade burritos to the chance to meet Costa Rican children and become their penpals. Spend some time white water rafting (obviously not for little kids or the faint of heart). Kids can play soccer and ride horseback with the locals. And of course there's the touring (sure to include at least one encounter with a giant spider) and the gorgeous beaches. Still others get their kicks from signing up for adventure packages with the likes of outfitters Wildland Adventures and Costa Rica Expeditions.

To me, Costa Rica sounds like a vacation of doing, not so much hanging around. It's not just a beach, where the whole day focuses on getting to the beach, hanging out on the beach, having some lunch (if you feel like it) and then heading back to the beach, where dinner is the only thing really given any thought. If your family is interested in learning about other cultures, having a 'learning vacation' as I like to call them, and needs a lot of activities to be satisfied, then perhaps Costa Rica or some other exotic location is the way to go. Just, you know, let me know when you get back if you saw any giant spiders.

What about you? Do you prefer the hang out, lazy, kinds of family vacations, or do you and your fam prefer the get up and go approach to group getaways?

Pic by joiseyshowaa.

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