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mom and baby nappingTelegraph has an interesting article about the length of a mom's work day. The average mom, according to a recent poll, has a "work day" of 15 hours, 5.5 of it working at their job and the rest spent grocery shopping, cooking, doing household chores, shuttling kids to school and activities, and caring for their children. Seventy five percent of women reported wishing they had more time to themselves. Don't we all.

The idea here, of course, is that working moms are doing far more than their share and are in desperate need of a break. Honestly, this is something I worry about when I think about going back to work full-time. As a SAHM, I've taken on the bulk of the household responsibilities. Will we be able to balance daily tasks in a healthy way when the time comes for me to go back to the 40-hour work week? I hope so, but I think it will take time.

I can't speak for working moms, but as a SAHM/WAHM, my day is longer than my husband's, for sure. When he's kicking back to watch a little TV, I'm just pulling out my laptop to do a little more work. But that doesn't mean that I win the "Who's doing more?" argument. Between his 9-5 gig and parenting and household responsibilities, he's easily putting in a 12 to 13-hour day. Mine's more like 15 hours, but I also have the freedom to schedule my own day. Today, for example, that included a 15-minute cat nap because my three-year-old kept us up all night, while he just had to power through his fatigue. In our house, I'd call it a wash.

Of course, there are less evolved spouses out there, the kind who think their responsibilities end with their workday. Those spouses might do well by reading up on Telegraph's survey, a little nudge that a helping hand goes a long way in any parenting partnership.

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