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Be careful what sort of jokes you tell your kids - one joke can change their life completely.

A man swimming, using the crawl (freestyle) stroke.You may think it's nothing more than a passing quip, something said in jest and intended to be forgotten almost as soon as it was said, but your children don't always think the same way you do; they may remember what you say for their whole life.

It was the end of the summer, just before I was to start college and I was busy picking out all sorts of neat classes from the college catalog I had gotten. I almost had my schedule settled, except for one slot. I couldn't decide between an advanced swimming class (there is always room for improvement) and a choral class (I learned a long time ago that I am an adequate member of the chorus -- but that never stopped me from dreaming).

I went to my mother for advice so she sat down with me to go over the choices. As we were discussing my options, my dad came into the room and asked what we were doing. Without batting an eye, my mother looked up at him and said "He can't decide whether to sing or swim."

I swear, that's a totally true story. I actually ended up taking neither class. And before you get too upset, be glad I didn't tell you my mother's tale of the shy cow.


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