Heated seats not so good for wanna-be dads

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The cockpit of a fancy carMost machinery works best when kept cool, be it mechanical, electronic, or even biological. Your car's engine has a cooling system that's pretty darn important (he writes with an experienced air) and your computers really belong in an air-conditioned room. So what about that baby factory potential dads have? Shouldn't that be kept cool for best results?

It turns out the answer is a definite yes. What's more, the proliferation of heated car seats is a step in the wrong direction. Sitting in a car to begin with heats things up more than they should be; heated seats increase the problem by a full degree Fahrenheit after just an hour. Them boys be cookin' down there!

So, perhaps the guy who takes public transit to work (and stands so others can sit) is the better choice for father material than the guy stuck in traffic in that fancy new beemer, eh?


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