Labor day - day of last chances?

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For pretty much everyone, Labor Day signifies the last day of summer. Never mind that most kids go back to school either the week before or after Labor Day, which many feel like is the real end of summer. Never mind that the actual end of summer is sometime in late September. To many, this year, Labor Day represents a few things quite different than a last hurrah for summertime activities. Many will hit the beaches or pools one last time before they close for the year, and many will have one last barbecue or picnic with family and friends before resigning themselves to school schedules. Many, however, will lament not being able to do much of anything because of the failing economy and soaring gas prices.

I don't really know anyone who went anywhere real for summer vacation this year. They made good use of the park and local activities, and they spent some quality time with said family and friends (which is great) but most are really looking toward the normalcy of the regular old school year, when they don't have to disappoint their kids by saying they're not going anywhere.

Or, are they? Now is the time to get out of town if you're going to do so. Many airlines are having specials. Gas has finally lowered a tad (although it's still well over $3.50 a gallon in most places). The kids are more stir crazy than ever, especially knowing school is right around the corner. Maybe now is the time to pop into the minivan and hit the road--wherever it may take you. Hey, maybe you don't even know where you'll end up (that's always a scary thought when traveling with kids). If you do hit the road this Labor Day, just keep in mind that everyone else may have the same idea. Some people are traveling anyway, regardless of cost or inconvenience. Some of them saved a lot of money by not traveling the rest of the summer. But all of them chose not to pass up this last chance to do something this summer.


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