Movies for geek kids (or kids of geeks)

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A stormtrooper from the movie Star Wars, holding a laser rifleWired Magazine is offering up a list of ten films that will help you raise your kids as geeks. First on the list is Star Wars, one of the most significant space movies in history. What geek in the seventies didn't dream of being Luke Skywalker and saving the universe from the evil Darth Vader? Of course, Star Wars is more romantic fantasy than hard science fiction.

If you want your kids grounded a little more in the science part of SF, skip down a few entries to War Games where Matthew Broderick uses his IMSAI computer to hack into a military supercomputer and very nearly starts World War III. Or, last on the list, the Back to the Future series where Michael J. Fox travels through time in a DeLorean.

There are a couple of essential (in my opinion) films that were left off the list but mentioned in the comments -- The Princess Bride and Labyrinth (sure, they're both fantasies, but they offer adventure and positive lessons that will serve any geek well.) Are there any others you'd add to the list as being essential viewing?

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