Victoria Beckham "too busy" for more children

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Let's set the record straight. Apparently there were some rumors out there that Victoria Beckham was keen on having additional children. Well, according to Posh Spice herself she doesn't want any more kids. While there was a time Victoria would've been interested in a fourth child, she says right now is not the time to be adding to her brood.

In fact, says Beckham, her life is too filled to have time for another child. She and soccer superstar David Beckham have three children between them, all sons. And Beckham notes that, like any other mom, she finds herself running each of them back and forth from all their activities. Her husband has a busy schedule with his soccer career, and she's pretty busy doing whatever it is she does.

Beckham was quick to point out that she has no problem with celebrities who do have larger families. She supports parents like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who adopt, noting she "respects" them but that it's not something she's considered.

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