How Moms celebrate the first day of school

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Last week, we asked if you had any special back-to-school traditions in your house, anything you did to make that first day special for your child. This week, though, we're curious about a different kind of back-to-school tradition: how do YOU celebrate the first day back? Do you meet friends for breakfast, or for a long-postponed walk? Do you run that long list of errands you've been storing up for a day when the kids didn't have to come with you? Do you do something special with younger kids who aren't yet in school? Or do you just go home and enjoy the silence?

I'm having a manicure this week, to celebrate both the fact that the pool is closed (no more sunscreen all over my hands!) and that my kids are back in school (no one asking for a snack ten minutes after my nails are painted). Mostly, though, I'm just looking forward to a few minutes of being still and silent and spoiled after a busy summer of swimming and playing t-ball and building baking soda volcanoes.

How are YOU celebrating the kids' return to school?

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