Perfume during pregnancy- Next on the "Do Not Use" list?

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The most common birth defect found in newborn boys is undescended testes. This condition may affect up to 8% of males and is also believed to be linked with infertility issues and as a risk factor for testicular cancer later in life. Research on rats found that the reproductive system of male fetuses could suffer damage starting as early at eight weeks' gestation by some chemicals, including those found in many cosmetics. During the time window of 8-12 weeks gestation, the male reproductive system is being established and certain hormones are being activated.

But researchers feel they may have found a simple way for expectant mothers to possibly spare their sons the from heartaches of infertility and health issues down the road: lay off perfume.

"Women could stop using body creams and perfumes. Although we do not have conclusive evidence that they do harm, there are components about which there are question marks; for example it could be certain combinations of chemicals. If you are thinking about how a baby might be exposed, that's one way, and it's something positive you can do. It might have no consequence, but it's something positive women can do for their baby."

It's pretty amazing that the more things are studied, the more brilliant the apparent protections Mother Nature seems to have built-in to protect fetuses during pregnancy appear. Coffee, alcohol, and perfume are three common nausea triggers among newly pregnant woman.

Did you have a nausea trigger? In the name of research, let us know in the comments!

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