Colombia - Home of the jumbo size kid

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Move over, Texas -- they do things big in Colombia too. Real big. Like, an eleven-month-old Colombian boy that's already the size of an eight-year-old at sixty-one pounds. He started his massive growth spurt when he was two months old, according to his mother. He's undergoing tests to identify the cause of his massive size; doctors think he may have, among other issues, hyperthyroidism.

Meanwhile, another gigantic baby has come along, born weighing thirteen pounds, two ounces -- about what you'd expect a four-month-old to weigh. Angelly was born by Cesarean-section in northern Colombia and is doing well, other than some breathing problems requiring oxygen.

Unfortunately, being exceptionally big is not always sweetness and light. These kids will miss out on a lot of babyhood -- they're likely going to be too big for a crib altogether too soon, if they ever fit in one. (I know my youngest son, at four months and more than fifteen pounds, has already outgrown his bassinet.) Baby swings and most infant ride-ons are right out, and forget about playing airplane -- unless his dad looks like Andre the Giant (which would, however, explain a lot.)

Still, it's not all bad. Bigger kids tend to be able to hold their head up, sit up, and even walk sooner than their smaller counterparts. It's probably best to think about the positive aspects and hope they stay healthy and happy.

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