Rebecca Romijn's pregnancy cravings

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Television and film star Rebecca Romijn has opened up about her pregnancy cravings. The Ugly Betty actress recently announced she and husband Jerry O'Connell are expecting twins, and the cravings brought on by them can't be ignored.

According to Romijn, she is craving lemonade and, of all things, soy cream cheese. Says Romijn, it can't be regular cream cheese--it has to be the soy version. This makes total sense to me only because I am pregnant too. The things your body desires when you're with child have no bearing on rationality! At least lemonade and soy cream cheese are relatively healthy options, compared to, say, cupcakes and pork rinds.

Romijn is among the latest celebrity parents expecting twins. Perhaps she can get in touch with Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts to figure out whether it's best to fight the cravings or just give in to them! I say give in, especially with the lemonade. In fact, there is some lemonade in my fridge right now. I have that SAME craving.

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