Kate Moss bribes her daughter to eat her vegetables

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Kate MossKate Moss seems to have a few tricks up her designer sleeve when it comes to getting her daughter to eat her vegetables. The supermodel tells Glenn O'Brien in September's Interview magazine that she bribes her child into eating the less desirable foods by promising her access to her wardrobe when she's older. Seems ironic for the woman who was constantly at the center of a rumor tornado surrounding her alleged eating disorder.

Moss freely admits she "blackmails" daughter Lila Grace, 5, into eating the vegetables by telling her she'll get what Kate no longer wears when she's older. Can you imagine what this woman's closet looks like? I'd eat broken glass to get even a fraction of it! Moss tells her daughter if she doesn't eat her vegetables and finish her dinner she won't grow and she won't get the clothes. It's a deal I guess Kate can easily afford, being one of the most famous of the supermodels out there. I certainly couldn't promise my children much more than a couple of hairy dogs and a lot of well-loved maternity wear.

Both bloggers and commenters have long debated whether or not it's appropriate to bribe children into doing things that are good for them or that we want them to do. Eating vegetables is no exception. I'll tell you right now that, if I could, I would immediately bribe my seventeen-month-old into eating his vegetables--well, into eating anything other than fake sausage links and pirate booty. I can easily see how parents give in to it as a last resort. Question is, if it starts out as a last resort, how long before it becomes the standard?

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