Britney Spears will open MTV's Video Music Awards

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Britney SpearsJezebel has breaking news that Britney Spears will open MTV's VMAs this year, twelve months after her performance at the 2007 VMAs left us all feeling a little... confused. She will not be performing, however, so exactly what her role will be remains to be seen.

Britney has put in a lot of hard work over the last several months. She's slowly but steadily getting more time with her boys, she's back to work and back to working out, and she's not making headlines every day with erratic behavior that makes us shake our heads and mutter about "that poor girl."

Though fervent fans will be glad to see Britney back up on stage, I can't help but wonder if this is really in Britney's best interest. She seems to me to be in the middle of her recovery. Her dad still has control over her affairs and she doesn't yet have at least joint custody of the boys. Will a "comeback" boost her confidence and help her continue on this more positive path, or does it put her at risk for a relapse?

The mom in me wishes she'd just focus on making a nice, quiet, healthy life for herself and her boys for now, but maybe putting herself back out there is part of her recovery process. What do you think?

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