Colin Firth finds kids "loathsome" (except his own, of course)

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Actually, that statement may not quite be true. The actor, known for his roles in the Bridget Jones movies as well as the new Mama Mia, has three kids of his own but finds small children "loathsome" at times. But, the hottie's words may have been slightly taken out of context (can you imagine???).

Firth has three sons ranging in age from five to eighteen, so he has plenty of experience with children and being a father. To clarify, Firth says kids are just people who haven't lived very long yet, and while he tends to be affectionate toward the younger set, if they're annoying upon meeting then generally they're annoying period, regardless of age--and hence the loathsome business.

I guess Colin is referring to first impressions, and perhaps there is something to that. I've always heard, however, that you're only as good as your last impression. It's interesting that someone with three kids of his own freely admits children can be loathsome, but I'm not so sure I can agree. All kids, just like all people, have bad days, right? That doesn't make them bad kids!

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