Grandparent's Day is tomorrow

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Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of Grandparent's Day, a somewhat unknown holiday that always falls on the Sunday after Labor Day. According to the day's official website, Grandparent's Day was started by a woman named Marian McQuade, now 91, who wanted to enrich the lives of lonely elderly nursing home residents. It blossomed into a day meant to inspire grandchildren to spend time with and enjoy their grandparents.

I'm definitely not about schlepping off to Hallmark every time a holiday rolls around on the calendar. But I do think that honoring people we love is an important tradition. And though it doesn't necessarily need to happen on the second Sunday in September, if you haven't told your parents or grandparents you love them recently, now might be a good time. A phone call, a note, a child's drawing or craft -- these are great ways to say, "I appreciate you."

My own mom takes my kids for a "date" once a week, sometimes one-on-one, sometimes together. And when those days happen, you know the ones, where I start to get a little twitchy from all the togetherness, her grandma radar starts beeping and she swoops in to take them on a small errand. My kids adore her, and we depend on her in countless ways. But I cant' remember the last time I said as much, and so this weekend I'll make an effort to tell her so.

If you celebrate Grandparent's Day, how do you show your love and appreciation?


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