Harry Potter and Britney's mom dish about sex

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Daniel RadcliffeIn a week when teen sex is on everyone's mind come these two stories: Daniel Radcliffe (you know, Harry Potter) tells Details magazine that he lost his virginity at 16 to an older woman (the age difference, he says, "would freak some people out"), while Britney Spears' mother dishes on Britney's deflowering at 14, not by Justin Timberlake but by a hometown football stud.

Well okay then.

The sex lives of celebrities -- even child celebrities -- are always fascinating, but here's what's so interesting about these two stories: while Radcliffe has only good things to say about his family ("I've got a great family. We're a very tight-knit group-we work very well as a team and as a tribe"), Britney's story of childhood lost is being marketed by her mother, Lynne, in a new book, one which appears to cash in on the fact that Spears and her siblings had little in the way of good parental guidance. According to the New York Daily News' Page Six, "Lynne Spears, 53, confesses her regret of losing control of Britney's career to handlers who promoted her as a sex object and put her in raunchy videos."

I suppose that what strikes me the most about these stories is not that Spears and Radcliffe both had sex young (after all, teens are curious and kids who work in show business are tossed into a very adult world) but that their stories are being told in such different ways. Radcliffe, who is never in the tabloids and is universally regarded as a good kid, gets to tell his own story of losing his virginity, while Britney's saga is being recounted by her mother, in an attempt to make Lynne Spears look like less of a horrible parent.

At the same time, though, I wonder if stories like these -- especially Radcliffe's, which has a kind of romantic nerdy-guy-gets-older-girl twist -- encourages kids to have sex young. You know, because Harry Potter did it and look where he is now. And Britney, well, she wouldn't be such a mess if it weren't for her mom.

What say you -- should we be hearing about the sex lives of teen stars? Or no thanks?

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