Tickle monster banned from park

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I thought I had invented the tickle monster, but apparently there are others out there roaming the streets and parks of America. Well, not so much in parks anymore, after a judge issued an order barring lawyer Charles R. Douglas from entering Miner Park in Glen Carbon, Illinois. He was charged with four misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct for asking parents in the park if he could tickle their children.

The fifty-eight-year-old says that he has played the "tickle monster" game with children for years and enjoys hearing them laugh. It's "a joking thing that I do," he said of the game, adding that he never touches a child without the parent's permission. Douglas is understandably upset about the matter and calls the charges "the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen."

As I said, I play the tickle monster game with my kids and they always enjoy it. I suppose I do to, even though I get tuckered out long before the kids tire of the game. And while I wouldn't think of asking a parent I didn't know for permission to tickle their child, I can also believe that Douglas' intentions were perfectly honorable and that he was simply a middle-aged gentleman looking to have some childish fun.

Was this 'tickle monster's sentence too harsh?
No way. He's a creep!2470 (28.5%)
Maybe. Seems his intentions were okay but you just don't know about people these days.4344 (50.1%)
Yes. It's just harmless fun!991 (11.4%)
Um. Do you really have to ask?871 (10.0%)

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