59-year-old French woman gives birth to triplets

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(Think that's shocking? Click the photo to see who set the record for identical births!)

A fifty-nine-year-old French woman has given birth to triplets after seeking fertility treatment. The new mom, unnamed at press time, sought fertility treatment in Vietnam after she was denied assistance in her home country.

In France, it is illegal for medical practitioners to provide fertility treatment when to women who are considered past the age of being able to procreate naturally. As a result, the pregnancy, once it became known, drew harsh criticism. from many in the French community. In other parts of the world, however, women are having children at ages much higher than fifty nine.

The woman gave birth to two sons and a daughter via C-section last Saturday. Mom, boys and girl are reportedly in good condition. In the United States women are free to seek fertility treatment whenever they want, as far as I understand. It certainly isn't illegal to provide such treatment, although some would say it is unethical.

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Should US law bar older women from fertility treatments?
Yes - fertility treatments are for young women.175 (15.3%)
Maybe - it would depend on the individual case.366 (32.1%)
No - motherhood is every woman's right.600 (52.6%)

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