Parents Television Council upset over 90210 scene

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When Beverly Hills 92010 hit television screens some fifteen-odd years ago, it may have been somewhat controversial, but ultimately it was about good kids finding themselves in tough situations--drinking, drug use, premarital sex. It was really just a modern version of Jackson Junior High or an after school special with better clothes and a warmer climate. Not content to let what was perhaps Aaron Spelling's greatest achievement rest comfortably in its grave, some folks decided to bring 90210 back. Same zip code, indeed, but racier subject matter.

And naturally, along with that reprisal came the interest groups opposed to it. For example, the Parents Television Council is none too pleased, and they are speaking out against the show. I guess they're either over or have made enough issue of Gossip Girl, which makes the old 90210 look like an episode of Sesame Street. In fact, in response to the PTC's protests over GG, the show has used their harsh criticism to basically secure a spot on the rotation forever. Why is it that reverse psychology always wins?

The group is asking sponsors to boycott the new 90210 due to the insinuation about ten minutes in that some guy is getting a BJ from his girlfriend. The show airs during what they refer to as the "family hour" meaning, I suppose, before 10:00 PM. The CW Network, who can proudly claim this little gem as their own right along with Gossip Girl, have responded that they screened the episode for said sponsors and no one batted an eyelash. Hey, if you can live with what occurs on GG, then by all means keep those eyelashes unbatted for wanna-be 90210.

Teen shows have always been edgy and envelope-pushing. Do you think what kids see today is any worse than what we watched when we were growing up? Oh, and BTW, that picture of the old 90210 folks is made out of what appears to be macaroni and dried beans. Seriously.

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