Todd Palin - A feminist icon?

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Rachel Campos Duffy

Todd Palin is the untold story of this election. He is a blue-collar snowmobiling fisherman who is secure enough in his masculinity to hold babies and host teas for the former first ladies of Alaska.

During Hillary's campaign, Bill Clinton couldn't help upstaging her and his narcissistic rantings cost her dearly in a razor thin primary. On the other hand, the "First Dude" of the most macho state in our union coolly stands in the background supporting his successful wife without a trace of resentment or envy.

Maybe that's evolution for you. Boomer husbands talk the talk, but Gen X hubbies walk the walk.

I'm an at-home mom of five who writes a weekly column and is also working on a book. There is no way I could do it all without a teammate. As I write this post at my kitchen table, my husband is cleaning the kitchen. As it happens, I'm married to a cute Midwestern lumberjack D.A. who is as comfortable doing the dishes with a baby strapped to his chest in a Bjorn as he is wielding an axe or questioning a witness on the stand. Now that's what I call progress!

Sarah and Todd's relationship is the embodiment of the "partnership" feminists have been calling for for decades. That's why I cannot understand why feminist icons like Gloria Steinem could not put aside their politics on abortion to celebrate, if not this historic nomination, then this exemplary partnership -- a partnership far more liberated than the strange and unrelatable Clinton marriage. I guess for Steinem, if you're pro-life and pro-gun, it just doesn't count.

When it comes to equality and respect between the sexes, the Palins have pushed the ball further in one week than the Clintons have in a decade in the national spotlight. In fact, the tacky and humiliating Monica Lewinski scandal probably set us back.

As for Oprah, well this whole debate could be resolved by simply inviting Todd to the show. Who better to speak about the conditions necessary for female advancement and fulfillment? Come on Oprah, forget Tom Cruise. Put the hunky, helpful husband on your couch!

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