Uma Thurman fuels pregnancy rumors

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Somehow, and I don't know why this is, but I feel like Uma Thurman is such a normal person. Sure she has ethereal beauty and is a megawatt star on the big screen, musing for heavy hitters such as Quentin Tarantino, but really she seems like she's just like everyone else. So I don't know what the big deal is with her bump watch. Rumors continue to fly that Ms. Thurman is once again in the family way. Sadly, Uma's actions are doing little to dispel those rumors.

The former Mrs. Ethan Hawke is already mom to two children, along with Hawke, Maya, 10, and Levon, 6. She recently became engaged to big wig money man Arki Busson. She's hinted that she'd like to add to her family. And now, goodness gracious, she's gone and ordered some clothes from Fred Segal that are a few sizes larger than her normal frame. Clearly someone at Segal needs to be fired, immediately, for letting her purchases slip, which, to me, is the much larger issue.

Also, hey, maybe Uma ordered those clothes for SOMEONE ELSE. Of course, there was that shot of her from this past summer in a bathing suit looking slightly bumped-out, so who knows. Obviously if she is pregnant she'll tell us about it when she's good and ready, unless someone at Fred Segal would like to do it for her. I know normal people don't really shop at Fred Segal (they can't afford it), but I rather feel like Uma deserves her privacy, just like the rest of us!

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