Victoria Beckham's pixie crop - The New Mom Hair?

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Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham is having a normal Mom week, attending fashion shows in NYC's Bryant Park with gal pal Jennifer Lopez -- well, okay, it's only a normal mom week if you're a Hollywood celebrity, but really it's the same as a day at the mall with your girlfriends, right?

Sort of.

Anyway, Posh Spice wowed the crowd at yesterday's Marc Jacob's show with her new super-short pixie haircut. The Daily Mail has some great photos of the back and sides, but the scoop is this: Posh's hair is cropped and slightly curly and artfully dishevelled -- a kind of carefully-arranged bedhead look.

And it's fabulous.

This is a good look for moms with fine hair or moms with wavy hair, or for moms who just don't want to mess with styling every day -- the whole idea of a cut like this is that it's not supposed to look perfect, it's meant to look pretty much like you just rolled out of bed. But as Beckham showed the media yesterday, short hair can also be elegant and sexy and feminine.

Or maybe it's just that gigantic diamond ring that makes her look so great ...

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