Emma Watson spends a little money

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Emma WatsonWhat would your kids buy if they came into a little money? Candy? A record album? Toys? Well, Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, spent a litte more than that. After turning eighteen and gaining access to the millions she'd earned over the years, the child star went out and spent some of her hard earned cash.

So what did she get? How does a house sound? Actually, it was a million-pound ski chalet in the French Alps. According to a friend, "The house is Emma's way of celebrating her recent straight As at A-level and finally getting her hands on some of her hard-earned cash. She worked really hard this year and didn't have much of a birthday party so this was her present to herself."

Watson is a big skier, so this seems like a reasonable purchase for a young woman with $17 million dollars in the bank. I know if I found myself with that kind of money, I'd be picking up some real estate too.

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