Naomi Campbell ready for motherhood

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Dear heavens, save us all. Naomi Campbell is ready to be a mother. The supermodel with a well-established problem of violent behavior recently came clean about her close call in the emergency room, which she formerly said was to have a cyst removed. Now Campbell has fessed up that the reason for her visit was to actually correct an infertility problem.

Wow--who knew it was that easy? What the heck are they doing in Brazil, where Campbell was treated, that they're not doing here in the states? I'm sure we'll never know. Anyway, Campbell also admitted she is ready to take on the role of motherhood. My guess is she should probably invest in some anger management classes before she gets too far along.

She is, however, leaving it in God's hands, from this point on anyway, as to whether or not she'll have a child. I'd say there's always adoption, but given her track record I can't imagine an agency in the world that would consider giving the temper-tantrum throwing supermodel a child under pretty much ANY circumstances. That said, for most , parenthood makes them better people, so perhaps being a mamma would lighten Campbell up a bit. Nah--I didn't think so either.

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