SafetyClicks helps parents and kids navigate the web

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When my generation of parents were growing up, computers were the size of minvans and no one had a cell phone. Today, kids tote laptops to camp and preschoolers know how to text.

It's a brave new world. It can also be a scary new world when your kid is surfing the 'net without you. But short of unplugging the desktop, how can you keep your kid safe?

SafetyClicks is here to help. SafetyClicks features articles, videos, and topical blog posts designed to support and inform parents as they teach their kids to navigate Web 2.0. SafetyClicks worked closely with, a non-profit safety organization, to develop content that will teach kids how to be safe on line.

The Internet is here to say; it's our job to teach our kids to use it wisely and safely. SafetyClicks can help us do just that.


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