Woman kidnaps first grader to prove it can be done

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Laurinda Drake claims that all she wanted to do was prove to school officials that kidnapping a child from Jo Mackey Elementary would be a piece of cake. Apparently, it was a piece of cake, but authorities didn't appreciate the lesson.

It all started after Drake dropped her own son off at the Las Vegas elementary school and noticed a young boy walking away from the campus. Instead of taking the boy to the school office, she took the first-grader for a ride in her car. She says the boy didn't know where he lived and didn't want to go back to school, so she drove him straight to the Clark County School District office. But police claim that she actually made a few stops along the way, including a trip to Wal-Mart and then a friend's house. While at Elaine Clermont's house, she made some phone calls to the local media and arranged for them to be present when she finally did take the boy to the district office.

The media showed up, as did the Clark County School District Police who say Drake was uncooperative when questioned. After cuffing her and taking her to a 'private room', officials determined that she had kidnapped the child.

Drake claims she was only trying to shed some light on what she feels are lax security measures at the school. And while school officials claim this was an isolated incident and that no child would ever be allowed to leave school alone, Drake says it has happened before.

I understand Drake wanting to make a point, but she is paying a heavy price for the way she went about it. She and Clermont were charged with first degree kidnapping and booked into the North Las Vegas Jail.

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