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If you're a parent and you're gonna wear pants, wear these.

Carptenter style shorts with a kid hanging onto the handle on one side and a baby bottle in the pocket on the other.I used to be strictly a five-pocket jeans kind of guy, until they became difficult to find and all I could get of my favorite brand were "carpenter" style shorts and jeans. Since then, I have become a complete convert. There are a number of features that make this style of pants especially useful for parents. In fact, I would go so far as to say these are nearly perfect pants for parents.

On one side of these pants, there is a skinny pocket, just behind or on the side seam and starting right about at the bottom of the regular pockets that serves a number of purposes. I use it to hold flatware for the kids as I get them food at a party or picnic. It also comes in very handy for holding a walky-talky when we're camping or wandering around a large store or mall. I've also found that it holds a baby bottle just perfectly, secure and out of the way.

The other side of the pants has a loop of denim that, at first, baffled my as to its purpose. Then, one day, as I carried a bag of groceries and tried to figure out how to hold both kids' hands, it hit me -- it's a handle for your kids to hold onto when your arms are full. Now that we have a third kid tying up one arm, this is all the more necessary a feature. I can carry the baby or push his stroller with my left hand, hold on to one kid with my right, and have the third hang on to the handle on the other side.

At first, I thought it would be nice to duplicate each of these on the other sides -- having both a loop and side pocket on each side -- but then I realized that then the kid holding each handle would interfere with whatever was in the side pocket. It's really best as is. Even which side each is on is perfect -- I tend to carry packages and the baby with my left arm to leave my right arm (I'm right-handed) free for other tasks, so it makes sense to have the handle on the left side. Putting the pocket on the right side means I retrieve whatever's there with my dominant hand.

The only thing I would add would be the change pocket found on five-pocket jeans -- which I used to store full memory cards from my camera. Other than that, I'd say these are pert near perfect.


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