Man and autistic son rescued after being swept to sea

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Thank goodness this is a story with a happy ending. From the outset it might seem as if the odds were against young Christopher Moreno and his father, Walter, when they were swept out to sea just off the coast of Daytona, Florida. Both were rescued and in good condition after their nightmarish ordeal.

Christopher was swimming when he and his father were washed out. They became separated, which is probably the most horrible thing that could happen next to being swept out with no safety flotation devices and nothing to hold on to. Christopher, who is autistic, treaded water for more than twelve hours in what are known as shark- and jellyfish-infested waters before he was whisked to safety. According to one member of the U.S. Coast Guard, who served as rescue team, Christopher did exactly what you're supposed to do in such an event -- remain calm.

Truly it seems a miracle that both father and son were rescued alive. Thankfully the weather and sea conditions made it easier for the rescue team to spot Christopher. Fisherman found Walter first after he and Christopher became separated during the night. This gave the team the hope and starting point they needed to find Christopher several hours later. Christopher was eventually spotted by the team's flight mechanic.


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