Poopy principal 'pologizes

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A toilet in a clearing in the woodsWhat's an elementary school principal to do when he's got a problem with students spreading feces on the floor and toilets in the girls' bathroom? Well, he send a note home to parents asking them to talk to their children about the problem, he could cancel all activities until it stops, or, as Peyton Elementary Principal Michael Auclaire of Colorado Springs, Colorado did, have the kids look inside a bag full of human feces and urine.

Okay, so I'm not sure what that was supposed to accomplish. Whatever kid (or kids) was vandalizing the bathroom already knew what it looked like and the rest didn't need to see it, but I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, not so much. Auclaire has apologized for the incident and says he realizes it was "not the best thing to do."

According to Auclaire, the students wore janitorial gloves when holding the bag and were told to wash their hands afterward. Still, it was probably not the best exercise. Sounds to me like someone might need a little time off.

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