Are your kids snurfing?

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No, it's not a mispronounced internet activity, although the internet is most likely involved. Snurf pills are herbal supplements consisting primarily of dextromethorphan, a common ingredient in cough medicines. The thing is, take enough of it and it acts like a hallucinogen. Kids getting into the cough syrup is nothing new; what's new are the concentrated pills with the cute name that are readily available on the internet.

Four Philadelphia high school students were hospitalized recently after overdosing on the supplements, apparently purchased online by one of the boys' uncles. Council Rock High School officials had this to say: "From the information on the packaging, we understand that SNURF is an herbal supplement with mood-altering properties. We strongly recommend that anyone in possession of these pills dispose of them immediately."

We're teaching our kids that medicines are funny things -- if you're sick, they can make you better but if you're not sick, they will make you sick. So far, it's worked -- but my oldest son is only in first grade. I think we're going to have to keep talking to them for the next twenty years or so.


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