Boyfriend barely meets dad who pipes up

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It's not exactly the preferred way to find out your fifteen-year-old daughter has a boyfriend, but I guess it will make for an interesting story down at the pub on a Saturday night. Raul Colon got up at four in the morning to let his dog out, just as he does every morning. This time, however, he heard noises coming from his daughter's bedroom. After grabbing a pipe from the garage, he went to investigate.

What he found was not a prowler, but a fifteen-year-old boy standing naked on his daughter's bed. Colon swung and hit the boy who promptly took off. The boy's sister later took him to the hospital where he had cuts on his head treated with staples. According to the daughter, she had been seeing the boyfriend for more than a year; He had snuck in her window around three in the morning to have sex with her. Colon was arrested but released after posting bail.

Personally, I'm opposed to violence, but I can't say I wouldn't react the same way if I came in and found a naked guy in my teenage daughter's bedroom at four in the morning. How about you?

How would you react to this situation?
Grab the shotgun and a shovel; there's a nice spot in the backyard...145 (23.4%)
Pretty much the same way as this guy273 (44.0%)
Call the cops and detain him until the police arrive100 (16.1%)
Sit down and get to know the boy39 (6.3%)
Toss 'em a box of condoms and go back to bed63 (10.2%)

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